Homebrew Competition Rules and Registration


  • $5 per entree, max 4 entries per person
  • An entrant must supply 2 bottles of each entry
  • Registration begins April 27 and runs through June 1


  • Must be 21 to enter
  • No meads, honeywines, or ciders
  • All bottles must be free of graphics and labels. Any identifying logos must be COMPLETELY removed or scratched out with black permanent marker
  • All bottles must be between 10-16oz. Brown or green bottles only.
  • All entries must be turned in by 11am on June 3. No late entries will be accepted.


  • No skunky, chunky, or vinegary beers will be sampled.
  • Judging will be loosely based on American Homebrewing Association standards: Aroma, Appearance, Mouthfeel, and Overall Impressions.
  • Beers will be judged by style category with each category winner competing for the title of “Best in Show.”  Judging will occur from 124PM.


  • Each beer will be placed and judged in six categories based on style.  There will be six major categories:  Blonde/Pilsner/Wheat, Pale Ales, Belgian/Famhouse Ales/Saisons, Red/Amber/Brown, Stout/Porter, Miscellaneous (Including Fruit Beer, Sours, and Novelty Brews).  The beers selected as category winners will be recognized.  Each category winner will then be judged against one another.
  • Category winners will compete for:
    • Best in Show – $100
    • Runner-Up – $50
    • Judge’s Choice – $50
  • Awards will be announced on Saturday, June 3 at 4pm in the Craft Beer Area on Kickapoo St. in Downtown Lincoln, IL.
  • Homebrew competitions organizers reserve the right to combine or separate categories based upon the volume of entries.

Chamber News:

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